2015 brings more changes to health insurance in the US

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A new year means that new provisions of the Affordable Care Act will be enacted The new year has arrived and that means that there will be more changes to the United State’s health care system. The new year means that more provisions of the Affordable Care Act will become active, which could be beneficial for some consumers, but somewhat difficult for businesses to cope with. This year, employers will have to adhere to new health insurance regulations. Consumers will also face some tax changes, as they will now be…

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Health care reform law glitch lowers coverage standards

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An issue with the federal certification calculator makes it possible for employers to provide substandard plans. A glitch has been found in the federal calculator that certifies that insurance plans are up to the standard of the health care reform law, and this is causing many large employers to offer their workers plans that do not provide coverage for some of the very basics, such as for hospitalization. This, according to a growing number of insurance brokers and consultants who have been using the calculator. It looks as though the…

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Health insurance may be more expensive than penalties from the federal government

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Some may be more willing to pay federal penalties than purchase insurance coverage Health insurance may be more costly for consumers in the U.S. than federal tax penalties associated with the country’s health care reform. According to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, those without insurance coverage face a fine. This fine is based on a person’s income, but is also set at a flat rate of $99. The fine is issued every year and is due when taxes are being filed to the federal government. Researchers find that…

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Health care reform could be keeping insurance rates steady

Health Care Reform

Rate hikes for coverage in the US may be less serious than previously thought Consumers throughout the U.S. have been experiencing rate hikes for their health insurance coverage over the past few years. Rates have been growing at a rapid pace, placing many people under significant financial pressure. The Affordable Care Act is meant to resolve this issue by helping slow down the frequency at which insurance premiums increase, and the health care law may actually be succeeding in this endeavor. Early rate filings coming from many large insurance companies…

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Health care reform continues for states with insurance exchange disasters

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The government has just expanded its assistance for purchasing insurance to provide Americans with more help. The deadline is now less than a month away, and as Americans scramble to make their last minute insurance purchases in order to comply with the health care reform, the Obama administration has bent a few of the rules to help to ensure that people won’t be left without coverage due to struggles with some of the state run exchanges. Residents of states where the insurance exchanges have never been made to work properly…

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