Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

healthcare insurance

Purchasing health insurance is one of the most important decisions that you can make for yourself and your family. As a small business owner, it’s important to choose the health insurance plans that will keep your team members healthy and able to work. While the process may seem complicated, it doesn’t have to be. There are certain things to look for when it comes to choosing health insurance to make sure that you won’t be looking for hospital supplies online as opposed to getting the care that you need from…

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Health insurance mandate rejected by Florida voters

Health Care Reform

Health insurance mandate shot down by Floridians during election The U.S. elections have come to a close and that has major implications for the U.S. insurance industry. In Florida, voters have voted “no” on an issue concerning a health insurance mandate. Mandatory health insurance has become a controversial issue throughout the country, but many states are beginning to show interest in passing their own mandates rather than allow the federal government to impose one of its own. The federal Affordable Care Act imposes such a mandate on the entirety of the…

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Legislative Referendum 122 could put an end to insurance mandate

Senator Art Wittich - Insurance mandate

Affordable Care Act provision could be cut down by Legislative Referendum 122 The Affordable Care Act is one of the most controversial legislations in the U.S.’s modern history. While the law aims to provide Americans with access to affordable health insurance coverage, it also requires them to purchase this coverage or risk fines and, in the most extreme circumstances, jail time. The insurance mandate has been at the crux of the controversy surrounding the law, and was the reason it landed before the Supreme Court earlier this year. While the…

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Health care reform law mostly upheld by Supreme Court

Obama reacting to the health care reform in 2010

Justices rule that the individual mandate will stand. The long awaited decision of the Supreme Court about the health care reform law put into place by President Obama in 2010, and the majority of the provisions have been upheld. Among the 5 major provisions of the Affordable Care Act, 4 have been upheld. The center of this debate, and the main focus of most of those awaiting the top court’s decision, was regarding the individual mandate, which would require almost all Americans to purchase medical insurance. This was upheld by…

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California officials mull over different methods of maintaining health reform in the state

As the U.S. Supreme Court continues to consider whether or not it is constitutional for the federal government to require Americans to buy health insurance, what is also being debated is whether or not it can push the individual states to broaden their Medicaid insurance coverage. It is predicted that the top court in the country will have made its decision by the end of June, right in the middle of the presidential election race. It was estimated by the Kaiser Family Foundation that if the law is upheld, California…

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