State Farm Insurance announces intentions to recruit 3,000 new hires

Insurance JobsState Farm Insurance has announced that it will be hiring 3,000 new employees across the United States and Canada in order to fill a number of positions where there had been open positions (those unfilled after people left) throughout the recession, as well as to add an additional 900 agents.

The insurer, based in Bloomington, Illinois, has revealed that it is now accepting applications for these new jobs, which will primarily be for positions in customer service, information technology, and claims. This new wave of hiring will boost the workforce of the insurer by 4.6 percent, bringing it up from its current 65,000 employees (not including its agents, of which there are currently 17,800).

Holly Anderson, a spokesperson for State Farm, stated that Bloomington will hire 300 from among the staff positions, but the remainder of the jobs will be scattered widely throughout the U.S. and Canada.

She explained that “During the economic downturn, we really carefully monitored our staffing levels. We are now hiring just to maintain and enhance our customer service response.”

According to Anderson, the insurer didn’t experience a high volume of layoffs during the recession, but simply did not fill the positions that were left by workers throughout that period.

She added that State Farm will be placing specific focus on attempting to recruit military veterans, both through job fairs in-person, as well as through virtual postings. She said that they have previously been successful in hiring veterans and feel that it is a simple transition for them to make into the civilian workforce.

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