Progressive Insurance joins Electronic Arts in adding the brand to The Sims Social on Facebook

Progressive InsuranceProgressive Insurance has partnered with Electronic Arts Inc., in a collaboration that will add sparkly unicorns to The Sims Social™ in order to make a branded quest available to the millions of individuals who play the social game.

This is the first time that The Sims Social has included a branded quest into the game, but it will not be changing the gameplay itself.

According to the media manager from Progressive, Chris Scott, “We wanted to make a quest that was fun and rewarding, but didn’t jeopardize the integrity of the experience for the user.” He went on to say that this quest will work the same way as the other ones that are already a part of the game, only this one will be different because its instructions will be provided by Flo, the character from the Progressive ads.

The Electronic Arts senior vice president of media solutions, Dave Madden, explained that The Sims Social on Facebook gives the insurer the ideal platform for connecting with an audience that is already highly engaged. He went on to say that by bringing a uniquely branded quest into The Sims Social, it is able to provide players with content that is relevant to them and that still manages to enhance their gameplay.

The branded quest works like the others in the game, where they are given a number of tasks to complete. The reward for finishing the quest will be a sparkly unicorn in a Progressive theme. To further encourage players to complete this quest, when they display their unicorn within their home, they will be able to receive daily benefits for a designated length of time.

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