Polar vortex highlights the need for flood insurance

flood insurance storm damage

Warming temperatures could spark floods as snow melts throughout the US

Winter is coming to an end and that means that the problems caused by the polar vortex may soon spark new disasters. The polar vortex has sparked many problems throughout the U.S., dealing damage to properties, vehicles, and the country’s infrastructure. With winter coming to a close, some of the issues involving the polar vortex may become easier to resolve. Warming temperatures means that the snow that the climatic phenomenon has brought to the country is beginning to melt.

State Farm offers advice to homeowners that are looking to protect themselves against flood disasters

flood insurance storm damageState Farm, one of the country’s leading insurance organizations, has issued a warning to homeowners and consumers in general. The warning concerns melting snow creating serious flood conditions. The polar vortex brought snowfall to states that do not traditionally see any, and this could become a very serious problem for homeowners without adequate insurance protection. Many homeowners in parts of the country that are not deemed to be at risk of flooding lack flood insurance. For these people, sudden flooding could quickly become a very costly matter.

Homeowners may need to purchase flood protection, as most policies offered by private insurers do not cover flood damage

State Farm is encouraging homeowners to tour their property to determine if there is a way to mitigate the damage caused by a flood. Those without flood protection are also being encouraged to purchase coverage from the National Flood Insurance Program. State Farm notes that its policies do not typically provide coverage for damage caused by floods and the same is true for insurance policies provided by other private companies.

Federal program continues to struggle with debt problem

The National Flood Insurance Program is typically the only place for homeowners to find the coverage they need. The federal program is, however, struggling to sustain itself under crippling debt. Insurance premiums for policies offered through the program are expected to increase in the coming months, which may put financial strain on those that have not had to purchase coverage in the past.

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