Insurance companies issue polar vortex safety tips to policyholders facing the deep freeze

polar vortex safety - frost trees

Customers who protect their homes and themselves lower their risk of having to file a claim. As freezing weather blasts its way across three quarters of the country, insurance companies have issued polar vortex safety tips to keep their policyholders safe. The goal is to educate customers to make the right safety choices to prevent injuries to themselves or damage to their property. Several insurers have taken part in this effort to make it easier for policyholders to avoid claims. The following are some of the ways customers can use…

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Polar vortex highlights the need for flood insurance

flood insurance storm damage

Warming temperatures could spark floods as snow melts throughout the US Winter is coming to an end and that means that the problems caused by the polar vortex may soon spark new disasters. The polar vortex has sparked many problems throughout the U.S., dealing damage to properties, vehicles, and the country’s infrastructure. With winter coming to a close, some of the issues involving the polar vortex may become easier to resolve. Warming temperatures means that the snow that the climatic phenomenon has brought to the country is beginning to melt.…

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Insurance industry losses are massive due to disastrous winter weather

insurance industry winter snow ice

Over $1.4 billion in losses have been seen due to the extreme conditions that have been experienced. With continual snow and temperatures that are continually below the averages, the insurance industry is starting to feel the same winter blues that are being experienced by the cabin feverish residents of the icy and snowy regions of the country. As much as snowplows and two truck drivers are frustrated, the losses seen by insurers is even greater. According to the data that was issued by Impact Forecasting, the extra wave of severe…

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Oregon Insurance Division urges consumers to be cautious during the winter

homeowners insurance information institute winter snow ice

Winter storms take their toll on Oregon Winter storms have been causing problems for homeowners and drivers recently. The U.S. has fallen victim to what is being called a “polar vortex.” This natural phenomenon has lead to freezing temperatures throughout the U.S. and significant snowfall in many parts of the country. States that do not typically see heavy snowfall, such as Georgia, have suffered from the impact of the polar vortex has snowfall causes damage to properties and creates dangerous driving conditions. In Oregon, state officials are issuing warnings when…

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Insurance claims pour in as snow falls in Georgia

Winter driving mayhem causes steep rise in insurance claims

Polar vortex sends snow to Georgia, causing serious damage to insured property and vehicles Georgia became a victim of unexpected snow storms recently. The state is unaccustomed to experiencing such events and, as such, the snow caused a great deal of damage to homes and vehicles. The snow storms that Georgia has been experiencing are linked to the so called polar vortex phenomenon that has cause temperatures to plummet throughout the U.S. States that typically experience very mild winter seasons have seen heavy snowfall as a result of the polar…

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