Oregon Insurance Division urges consumers to be cautious during the winter

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Winter storms take their toll on Oregon

Winter storms have been causing problems for homeowners and drivers recently. The U.S. has fallen victim to what is being called a “polar vortex.” This natural phenomenon has lead to freezing temperatures throughout the U.S. and significant snowfall in many parts of the country. States that do not typically see heavy snowfall, such as Georgia, have suffered from the impact of the polar vortex has snowfall causes damage to properties and creates dangerous driving conditions. In Oregon, state officials are issuing warnings when it comes to the dangers of winter storms.

Polar vortex creates problematic situation for homeowners and drivers

Oregon insurance winter snow iceOregon is no stranger to winter storms, but these natural disasters still take their toll on the insurance industry every year. The Oregon Insurance Division has issued tips that may help those that have been affected by recent storms that have hit the state as well as storms that are expected to form in the near future. State officials note that the damage associated with natural disasters could be mitigated if consumers take steps to protect their property and vehicles.

Burst pipes and frozen highways lead to insured losses

According to the Oregon Insurance Division, frozen pipes are one of the most significant concerns that homeowners have when it comes to the winter season. Water pipes can freeze and burst, causing a significant amount of water damage to homes. Another problem exists in the state’s roads being covered in snow. As snow melts, it turns to water, but this water is quickly frozen due to the frigid temperatures of winter. As such, ice has begun to cover the roadways, leading to car accidents that have grown quite costly for the auto insurance sector.

Insurance Division offers tips on being safe during the winter

Fallen trees, collapsing roofs, and other problems are being linked to recent winter storms. The Oregon Insurance Division is advising consumers to be watchful for any problems they may see on their properties. Investigating water pipes can help mitigate the damage that broken pipes are responsible for. Driving more cautiously could also help prevent accidents. Notably, when driving in snowy conditions, a driver should never travel faster than they are able to stop.

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