Insurance companies and drivers both benefit potholes are avoided

Allstate Insurance company

In that light, Allstate has published a line of tips to help policyholders to circumvent vehicle damage.

In many areas of the country, this has been one of the worst winters in recent memory, and as warmer temperatures finally start to look as though they are coming back, insurance companies, such as Allstate, have been providing drivers with reminders of the various ways in which they can avoid damage from the inevitable development of potholes on the roads.

As though the ice and blowing snow weren’t enough this year, drivers must now be careful of new road conditions.

Allstate Insurance companiesAmong the various insurance companies that are hoping to make a difference, Allstate has gone ahead and has produced a number of helpful tips that can help drivers to escape damaging their vehicles. The list has been published on the insurer’s official website. The president of Allstate Roadside Services, Anthony Royer, spoke of the importance of avoiding potholes in order to help to keep a vehicle free of unnecessary damage. He stated that “Potholes can destroy tires, throw off a car’s alignment or worse.”

When insurance companies support drivers in avoiding damage, it helps to keep costs down.

To start, Royer pointed out that “One of the most important things people can do is to make sure their tires are adequately inflated.” The reason that he provided is that it helps to provide a cushion and a protection for the tire’s rim against pothole damage.

Beyond this helpful tip, the other recommendations that Allstate made on its website are:

• Don’t follow too closely. By leaving a larger gap between your vehicle and the one ahead, you not only provide yourself with more reaction time if they should suddenly brake, but it also gives you more opportunity to spot the pothole so that you can avoid it in time, without ending up in a collision.
• If a pothole cannot be avoided, the trick is not to brake, but to slow down as much as possible before you hit it. Braking can actually lead to a larger amount of damage than progressing slowly over it.
• Hold onto the steering wheel firmly when driving over a pothole to stop the car from suddenly jerking in a new direction or otherwise losing control of the vehicle.

These types of tips from insurance companies such as Allstate can help to remind drivers of important ways to avoid damage and having to make a claim.

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