Pets Best Insurance provides holiday safety tips for animal owners

Pet Insurance Pets Best Insurance, a top-rated pet insurer, has released a series of tips for animal owners to make sure that their furry family members stay healthy and happy throughout the holiday season, while underlining the importance of pet insurance coverage for potentially costly veterinary care following unexpected emergencies.

To start, while decorations may help to make our homes look festive and delightful, many pose a serious health risk to cats and dogs who may ingest sharp or toxic items, cut themselves on broken glass, or receive a shock or a burn from electric wires or flames from fireplaces or candles.

To minimize the risk of this type of emergency, Pets Best Insurance recommends investing in animal health coverage, and making certain efforts to avoid these problems in the first place.

Vice president of marketing for the insurer, Christ Middleton, said that pets today are family members and owners want to do everything they can to keep them healthy and safe. He said that “The best way to do that is to rid our houses of potential threats and have pet health insurance as a backup for when the unexpected happens.”

Their tips include:

• Tether Christmas trees to the ceiling or a wall to make sure that they won’t fall onto a pet.
• Use the tree skirt up and around the trunk so that pets won’t be able to drink the water which may contain harmful fertilizer and bacteria.
• Avoid the use of flocking and artificial snow, which can be toxic to pets.
• Put away the shiny tinsel which is very attractive to cats and dogs but that can be toxic or can lead to a digestive obstruction that could require surgery.
• Keep ribbon secure so that it will not be ingested.