Pet insurance company expands annual veterinary awards

Pet Insurance

Petplan has announced that it is now receiving nominations and that it has added an additional category. Millions of people who have cats, dogs, and other animals as a part of their families know the importance of finding the best veterinarian – along with an incredible support team – and one pet insurance company is continuing its annual veterinary awards this year in order to recognize those outstanding individuals. These awards honor not only the best veterinarians, but also the professionals who provide the rest of the care and support.…

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Pet insurance claims are common around Halloween

Pet Insurance for Halloween

This celebration can cause a large exposure to hazards for animals. Though Halloween can be a wonderfully fun and exciting time of the year, some of the elements that make it an enjoyable celebration can present significant risks to the health of an animal, leading to some of the largest numbers of pet insurance claims. One insurer reported that claims related to candy were 245 percent higher during that week last year. Statistics from Petplan pet insurance showed that claims related to candy skyrocketed during the week surrounding Halloween, and…

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Petplan pet insurance reports larger numbers for both cancer treatment claims and costs

Though it may not be rare for chemotherapy, radiation, and other cancer therapies to exist in hospitals meant for humans.. these treatments are also becoming increasingly common among veterinary hospitals, increasing the number of claims made for them, and boosting the costs associated with them. Americans are increasingly thinking of their pets more as family members than simply animal possessions, and this is leading to a trend toward treating conditions that would, at one time, have once been a death sentence for the dog or cat. Petplan pet insurance has…

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Pet insurance coverage is worth the cost

Many pet owners struggle with the decision as to whether or not pet insurance coverage will be a good investment to protect their finances and ensure that their pets will obtain the veterinary care they require for the best quality of life. Unfortunately, a large number of Americans are already finding it challenging to be able to afford their own health insurance. This makes the decision even more of a struggle. Currently, there are almost one million North American pets covered by pet insurance. This may sound like a lot,…

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Petplan pet insurance identifies most common veterinary health conditions from 2011

The leading animal coverage provider in the United States, Petplan pet insurance, has revealed the results of its data from 2011, showing the top 10 most common health conditions in dogs and cats. Though some of the conditions, such as diarrhea and vomiting, were to be expected, there were a few surprised about what made it into last year’s most common illness list. According to the claims data received by Petplan last year, the following are the top ten conditions reported: 10 – Periodontal disease 9 – Urinary tract infections…

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