Pet insurance companies remind animal owners to avoid a scary Halloween

Pet Insurance for Halloween

While tonight is a great time for fun frights, it is also important to keep dogs and cats safe. Halloween is a very fun time of year, filled with the best of our scary sides, but at the same time, many pet insurance companies have reported that it is among the most dangerous days for animals such as dogs and cats. There are many different hazards to the health of animals on Halloween, so take care to be pet friendly. According to the National Retail Foundation, there was $330 million…

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Pet insurance companies warn about holiday hazards

pet insurance chocolate

Many holiday treats and decorations are highly toxic to dogs, cats, and other animals. At this festive time of year when sweet treats are shared and holiday decorations are hung throughout the house, pet insurance companies are cautioning animal owners to take care and avoid exposing their beloved animals to poisons and other dangers that these items can present. Even seemingly harmless cookies or Christmas tree ornaments could create a life or death scenario. For example, pet insurance companies are cautioning owners that many dogs love the smell of chocolate…

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Pet insurance from Trupanion has now made it to Delaware

pet insurance

The most rapidly growing animal insurer has added yet another state to its list. The second largest pet insurance company in the United States, and the fastest growing, Trupanion, has just announced that it has expanded into Delaware and that animal owners can begin purchasing policies in that state. The policies have become available through the company’s website as well as over the phone. Trupanion stands out from other pet insurance providers as it operates with terms that are different from other companies. For example, it has lifetime coverage available…

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Pets Best Insurance provides holiday safety tips for animal owners

Pets Best Insurance, a top-rated pet insurer, has released a series of tips for animal owners to make sure that their furry family members stay healthy and happy throughout the holiday season, while underlining the importance of pet insurance coverage for potentially costly veterinary care following unexpected emergencies. To start, while decorations may help to make our homes look festive and delightful, many pose a serious health risk to cats and dogs who may ingest sharp or toxic items, cut themselves on broken glass, or receive a shock or a…

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