Pet insurance customers often don’t realize they have this coverage

Pet insurance - coverage for animals

Many animal owners would see even greater value in the policies they already have if they knew. Pet insurance policyholders know that when they purchase this coverage, they are helping to make sure they don’t have to cover the entire expense related to many potential health issues a cat or dog could experience throughout their lifetimes. That said, many people don’t realize just how much coverage they really have. It’s common to think of these policies as quite the expense, but their value rises with understanding. Emergency veterinary visits are…

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Pet insurance company Pethealth to acquire parts of PurinaCare’s assets

Things to consider when searching for pet insurance

  Some of the latter company’s coverage operations have been purchased through this agreement. Pethealth Inc. has just announced that its PTZ Insurance agency subsidiary has now entered into an acquisition agreement with Nestle Purina Claims Processing, Inc. and its PurinaCare services in order to purchase some of its pet insurance operations. The acquisition covers the Purinacare Insurance Services, Inc. operations in terms of certain operations. Those operations are specific to the administration of the pet insurance program at Purina, and the ownership of the rights to the renewals of…

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Pet insurance offers animals a healthy new opportunity

pet insurance

With the skyrocketing cost of veterinary services, medical care is no longer a matter of finances. Though most think about health coverage in terms of humans, pet insurance to cover veterinary costs has become a significant focus as well, as the cost of medical care for animals rises as quickly as it is for their owners. The health care reforms are a hot topic at the moment, but millions of pets also require these services. Animals are becoming extremely important parts of our families and people want to be able…

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Pet insurance saves dog owners from expenses after the animals consume strange objects

Embrace Pet Insurance has released the results of the analysis of its own data that has looked into claims worth over $1,000 that resulted from pets consuming inedible items that included everything from street drugs to razor blades. In a recent release, the insurer identified the top 5 oddest items that pets have consumed, as well as the costs that were associated with their insurance claims. The insurer receives more than a thousand claims of this nature every year. The lowest cost for the claims last year was $32, while…

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Benefits and drawbacks of pet insurance coverage

Pet insurance coverage is steadily on the rise as a growing number of dog, cat, and exotic animal owners seek additional financial support to cover the cost of keeping their animals happy and healthy. There are now ten times more insured pets than there were a decade ago, with policies that can insure anything from the regular health check-ups to unexpected emergency services or surgeries. There is a wide range of coverage available, but remember that the better it is, the higher the premiums will be. According to most veterinarians,…

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