Pet insurance company concerned about anti-vaxxers affecting their pets’ health

Anti-Vaxxers - Pet Insurance - Dog

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is worried about a drop in the number of dogs receiving vaccinations. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is concerned about animal health care as anti-vaxxers choose not to vaccinate their pets. The insurer has noted a reduction in the number of dogs receiving their basic vaccinations, including rabies vaccine shots. Anti-vaccination trends have been spreading in both human and veterinary health care. According to the Center for Disease Control, anti-vaxxers are currently the leading threat to global health. The result of this sentiment in human health care…

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Pet insurance companies remind animal owners to avoid a scary Halloween

Pet Insurance for Halloween

While tonight is a great time for fun frights, it is also important to keep dogs and cats safe. Halloween is a very fun time of year, filled with the best of our scary sides, but at the same time, many pet insurance companies have reported that it is among the most dangerous days for animals such as dogs and cats. There are many different hazards to the health of animals on Halloween, so take care to be pet friendly. According to the National Retail Foundation, there was $330 million…

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Pet insurance bill in California could provide industry with regulation

pet insurance news

A new bill in front of the legislature in the state would help to tell customers exactly what coverage they have. Should a new bill that is currently before the California legislature pass, it will mean that pet insurance companies will be required to provide greater disclosure to their customers regarding what precisely will be covered by the policies that they have sold. This type of insurance policy is becoming increasingly popular but there has yet to be an industry coverage standard. Many dog and cat owners are finding that…

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Pet insurance is offered by a growing number of companies

pet insurance

Though traditionally a very small market, as the popularity of these products take off, insurers are taking notice. When it comes to pet insurance, companies are now starting to see a far greater opportunity than was ever available before, as owners start to consider animals as furry family members instead of a beast that is somewhat disposable. The importance of these animals – especially dogs and cats – has lead to massive advancements in veterinary medicine. While the evolution of veterinary medicine has made it possible to provide these animals…

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Pet insurance report shows large growth in U.S. market

Over the last five years, the sector has expanded despite the economic downturn. IBISWorld has now released its latest U.S. Industry Market Research Report, which provides details as to the progress of the pet insurance sector over the last five years. What it has indicated is that there has been notable growth among insurers and consumers. Over the last five years, according to the report, the pet insurance industry grew very rapidly, continuing its expansion regardless of the direction of the economy as a whole. It is a clear reflection…

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