State Farm releases poison prevention tips to reduce pet insurance claims

Pet insurance - poison prevention tips

The insurer published a number of safety recommendations to assist cat and dog owners. State Farm and Trupanion recently released a list of advice for pet insurance customers to help them to prevent accidentally poisoning their cats and dogs. There are many things that animal owners can do to help ensure poisons are kept well out of reach. The insurers recommend that pet insurance customers begin by looking around their homes and other areas where their furry family members will be spending time. They should try to spot potential dangers…

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Pet insurance companies warn about this treacherous time of year for animals

christmas pet insurance

Insurers caution against the large number of hazards holiday celebrations present to dogs and cats. Although the holiday season can be lots of fun to share with the entire family – including furry family members – pet insurance companies are reminding owners that this time of year can be filled with hazards for animals. Claims during the holidays are far higher than the average for the rest of the year. One important reminder is that the hazards don’t simply disappear following Christmas. The treats and decorations are still around after…

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Pets Best Insurance provides holiday safety tips for animal owners

Pets Best Insurance, a top-rated pet insurer, has released a series of tips for animal owners to make sure that their furry family members stay healthy and happy throughout the holiday season, while underlining the importance of pet insurance coverage for potentially costly veterinary care following unexpected emergencies. To start, while decorations may help to make our homes look festive and delightful, many pose a serious health risk to cats and dogs who may ingest sharp or toxic items, cut themselves on broken glass, or receive a shock or a…

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