Pet owners can shrink veterinary costs with the right insurance

Pet InsuranceWhen it comes to healthcare, it isn’t just the cost of medical treatment for humans that is continually increasing. Veterinary expenses are also on the rise, causing many pet owners to take out animal health insurance in order to help to compensate for it.

That said, there is still some debate over when coverage is necessary, and when it may not actually be appropriate. There is also some disagreement about how much coverage is needed. For example, whether a specific pet should have a complete wellness package, or whether only certain specific illness coverage is all that is required. Travel insurance for pets is another issue regularly being debated.

According to the Veterinary Pet Insurance vice president and chief veterinary medical officer, Dr. Carol McConnell, it is important for pet owners who will be bringing their pets with them when they travel to consider taking out travel coverage for their pets. The reason is that when the pet isn’t at home and within an environment that has been entirely controlled by the owners, the risk of illness and injury will increase.

Furthermore, many pets find that the experience of travelling away from home is a stressful one, increasing the chances of certain stress-related health conditions such as hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, which is a form of severe and bloody diarrhea, which requires veterinary assistance to treat, and can cost approximately $1,200 when all is said and done.

Also, dogs who are not in a familiar environment are more prone to behaviors that are unexpected and impulsive, easily leading to harm and an emergency situation that could need veterinary care.

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