Can drivers use their vehicles without auto coverage?

 Auto InsuranceMany drivers wonder if it’s legal to use their cars without any insurance, and the answer is that it is possible to do so in many states, as long as those drivers also have a very large amount of cash.

In Ohio, as long as you carry a form of proof of financial responsibility, you are legally allowed to drive without any car insurance. To do this, you must either make a deposit of at least $30,000 with the state treasurer, or you must purchase a bond worth at least $30,000 from a surety company that has been officially authorized.

Similarly, residents of South Carolina can pay an annual fee of $550 in order to purchase a certificate from the state that says that you can legally drive without insurance and that you will be financially responsible for any injuries or damage that you may cause.

On the other hand, in New Hampshire, individuals who would prefer to drive uninsured will be forced to post an on the spot “financial responsibility bond” in order to cover any injury or damage that they cause. That said, all of the states that neighbor New Hampshire legally require insurance in order to drive, so uninsured New Hampshire drivers will have to stay within the state.

The fact is that if you do not have insurance and you drive your car – as is the case among one in every seven drivers – it is at your own financial risk. You will be responsible for any damages and injuries that you cause and you may also need to pay fines, as well as face other punishments such as loss of your license or vehicle, or even time in jail.

*Make sure you check your state’s insurance requirements before getting behind the wheel – this information can usually be found on the state’s department of insurance website.

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