NAIC to develop new pet insurance regulatory standards

Pet Insurance regulatory standards - dog receiving veterinary care

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is creating a model law for animal health policies. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is currently working on a new model pet insurance regulatory standards law. NAIC’s Pet Insurance Working Group has been tasked with developing the shape of this law. The new pet insurance regulatory standards are expected to impact that part of the insurance industry, depending on whether states adopt them and how they do so. It may also alter the way veterinarians discuss coverage with their clients. The NAIC…

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Pet insurance in California now involves new disclosure rules

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A new law within the state obliges insurers to explain their policy coverage very clearly to animal owners. California has now become the first state in the country to create regulations with regards to disclosure within the pet insurance industry, which is primarily unregulated up until this point. The bill was recently signed into law to ensure that consumers will know the coverage that they are buying. Governor Jerry Brown recently signed bill AB2056, making it into a law that states that pet insurance companies must provide animal owners with…

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Pet insurance company names the winner of its best veterinarian contest

Pet Insurance

The top pick for the My Vet’s the Best prize has now been announced and money has been issued for animal care. One of the leading pet insurance companies in the United States has announced the winner of its My Vet’s the Best contest as being Dr. Irvin Ingram, who is now the best veterinarian of 2012. The winning veterinarian works in Phoenix and has been issued prize money to help in caring for animals. Dr. Ingram currently practices at the All Creatures Animal Hospital in Phoenix and has received…

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Pet insurance companies warn about holiday hazards

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Many holiday treats and decorations are highly toxic to dogs, cats, and other animals. At this festive time of year when sweet treats are shared and holiday decorations are hung throughout the house, pet insurance companies are cautioning animal owners to take care and avoid exposing their beloved animals to poisons and other dangers that these items can present. Even seemingly harmless cookies or Christmas tree ornaments could create a life or death scenario. For example, pet insurance companies are cautioning owners that many dogs love the smell of chocolate…

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Pet owners can shrink veterinary costs with the right insurance

When it comes to healthcare, it isn’t just the cost of medical treatment for humans that is continually increasing. Veterinary expenses are also on the rise, causing many pet owners to take out animal health insurance in order to help to compensate for it. That said, there is still some debate over when coverage is necessary, and when it may not actually be appropriate. There is also some disagreement about how much coverage is needed. For example, whether a specific pet should have a complete wellness package, or whether only…

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