Mercury Insurance shares home water conservation tips

Mercury Insurance - Water Saving Tips

As consumers tighten their belts due to inflation, insurers are seeking to provide ways to save.

While some insurers are working on creating plans and quote strategies to help consumers to find deals and discounts where they can, Mercury Insurance is also sharing tips for savings in other areas.

The insurer recently released tips to help consumers to save money and water at the same time.

There are many places around the home where water can be saved. This is both an environmentally conscious step that homeowners and renters can take, but it is also one that can help them to save on their water bills over time. Mercury Insurance recently issued a news release to help people to recognize areas where they can achieve the best water conservation at home.

Mercury Insurance - Washing dishes

The Mercury Insurance news release looked specifically at water conservation opportunities in kitchens and bathrooms as well as outside where people can save more H2O than they may realize. Many of the tips that the insurer had to share were minor and cost little to no money to accomplish. This way, all the water and money savings can begin being beneficial right away.

The water conservation recommended by Mercury Insurance was available inside and outside the home.

In the bathroom, the insurer recommended taking shorter showers as opposed to baths, which use more water overall. Also recommended was shutting off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Any leaks should be repaired, as they might seem like slow drips, but the waste will add up over time, and the quantity wasted can be surprising. Fixing leaks under the sink can help to prevent damage that can also add up quickly.

Another area where water savings is possible is in the kitchen. Home cooks with the habit of pealing vegetables under a running tap can simply use a large mixing bowl with water in it for cleaning and preparing their veggies. Dishwashers should be used only when they’re fully loaded and, when appropriate, use the eco cycle. Washing the dishes by hand should involve filling a sink with soapy water instead of washing the dishes under a running faucet. As a bonus, this is how the dish soap works at its best!

Outside, Mercury Insurance recommends planting native trees, shrubs and other plants that are best adapted to the region’s own waterfall patterns. That way, watering from the hose won’t be required – at least not as often. Using “lawn alternatives” to grass, such as chamomile, sand strawberry and bellflower, can provide ground cover that doesn’t require watering from a sprinkler.

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