Mercury Arizona home insurance adding new coverage and discounts

Arizona home insurance

The added protection will include eco-friendly advantages and discounts will help reduce premiums.

Mercury has announced that it is adding to its Arizona home insurance coverage and discounts available to policyholders.

There will be five new coverages available to homeowners and three new types of discounts.

Arizona home insurance consumers will be able to access these new coverages and discounts. New coverage provides additional protection with an option for replacement products that are environmentally friendly. The discounts are for homeowners who are already taking steps to be environmentally friendly who will be saving money that they would otherwise have had to spend on their policies.

“Mercury’s new coverages and discounts take a different approach to protecting our customers,” said Mercury Insurance Product Manager Assistant for Arizona Mingqian Dai in the official news release announcement of the changes. “Homeowners have been reevaluating what’s important to them and how a home is built and the eco-friendly products they want in it continues to come up. Many might be surprised that insurance can be green, but if we can help the environment while we help policyholders it’s a win-win.”

Arizona home insurance - New Coverage

There will be several additional types of Arizona home insurance coverage available to residents.

The new coverages available to homeowners’ policyholders are:

  • Green Home
  • Matching of Undamaged Siding and Roofin
  • Limited Hidden Water, Steam Seepage or Leakage
  • Refrigerator Products

The new discounts the insurer added in the state are:

  • Green Home
  • Updated Home
  • Good Payer

These additional forms of coverage are meant to help homeowners’ customers to be able to protect their homes more effectively, to make choices that are more eco-friendly for their homes, and to save money on the steps they have already taken in those directions. That way, they can save money based on the decisions they want to make for their green homes, and to save money on covering their homes when they have already made those investments.

The company has made the announcement for additional coverages and discounts for both its present and future Arizona home insurance customers for the choices they have made and are making for their properties.

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