State Farm rolls out insurance plan strategy for more personalized quotes

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The insurer lets consumers use a spectrum of options for the purpose of covering individual needs.

State Farm recently launched an advertising campaign for its new Personal Price Plan insurance plan strategy aimed at covering customers at a price specific to their coverage needs.

The idea is that the consumer can obtain a personalized quote for precisely what they need covered.

The campaign focuses on a range of different scenarios demonstrating how customers have options to control the price of their insurance plan based on their specific needs. The latest campaign features Jake from State Farm, who is assisting a number of other characters to be able to overcome challenges and better understand how the coverage works. He also helps them to know that oversharing isn’t necessary to benefit from the Personal Price Plan.

The ads are meant to help viewers to understand that they will be able to obtain highly customized quotes for their unique coverage requirements, without the need to share more information than their comfort level allows.

The insurance plan strategy combines lighthearted advertising with a message of savings.

Among the advertisements for the State Farm Personal Price Plan include three primary commercials. The first is called Family Dinner and shows at a dinner table, characters mistakenly believing that they need to overshare to obtain improved pricing from the insurer.

A second ad is called Bath Bomb, and has Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes similarly believe that they must overshare personal information – such as a profound love of bath bombs and taking a “jazz bath” – with Jake in order to be able to qualify for the opportunity to customize and save on coverage.

Insurance Plan - Bath Bomb 30 - State Farm Commercial - State Farm Insurance YouTube

Lentils is a Spanish language ad that plays with cultural superstitions about money and finance, only to teach the characters that they don’t need to rely on those habits in order to be able to use this type of quote.

As premiums rise and consumers increasingly struggle with the growing cost of living due to inflation among other reasons, insurers are directing their marketing campaigns to focus on saving money. State Farm has created an entire insurance plan quote program around the theme in the hopes of standing out from among the rest.

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