Key Lime Interactive performs study on leading mobile presences by American car insurance companies

Mobile CommerceKey Lime Interactive (KLI) – a firm that is widely known in the industry as a top tester of the mobile commerce experience – has announced the results of the second level of their renowned review of competing top American car insurance companies.

The study was performed in November 2011, and gave the top place for Best Mobile Website to State Farm Insurance, while USAA received the top position for the Best Mobile App.

Many different elements of the mobile experience were examined by KLI, particularly those parts of the experience that are most valued by customers and the insurance companies themselves. For example, the ability for policyholders to view detailed information about their coverage, access to mobile bill payments, and the capability to submit detailed information about an accident scene, such as vital data about the situation, the date, and even photos.

Also considered, was the ability to obtain a quote for a price for auto insurance without having to submit any sensitive personal information. Those insurers that were able to present these various features in the most intuitive, visually appealing, and practical way obtained the best scores from KLI.

KLI used its Auto Insurance Mobile Heuristics in order to come up with a score and therefore a rank for the leading eight auto insurers: Progressive, Allstate, GEICO, State Farm, USAA, Nationwide, and Liberty Mutual. This method involved combining a comparative feature ranking, an assessment of compatibilities, and an overall score from users.

According to the lead researcher at KLI for this report, Eugene Santiago, “The feedback from users can be regarded as the most critical component of the study”.

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