Insurance job starting salaries rise as many insurers struggle to fill positions

Insurance job starting salaries - increase in money

Companies are finding it difficult to find enough applicants as they seek to hire in numbers.

Insurance job starting salaries are on the way up at a number of insurers, particularly in locations that are proving especially difficult for filling positions.

Even as the federal pandemic unemployment benefits have come to an end, insurers are still struggling.

To boost appeal to applicants, many insurers have been advertising higher insurance job starting salaries. While some people are viewing this as an opportunity to start a new and rewarding career, others still fail to see the opportunity in the insurance industry. Among the challenges insurers have cited is that younger jobseekers don’t realize how many different types of positions are available in this industry.

Insurers have an out-of-date reputation for positions as agents or salespeople. However, this industry has evolved substantially in recent years, now including positions in areas of technology, drones, websites and social media, in addition to analytical work such as risk analysis and modeling, loss control specialties and others.

Insurance job starting salaries - report - salary increase

GEICO recently issued a press release focused on boosting insurance job starting salaries.

GEICO’s news release announced that it was seeking to hire almost 300 new associates in Tucson and Renton alone. These were for positions in vital areas such as claims, service and sales. To help draw attention to the positions, it underscored that pay has been increased across the board.

Moreover, it placed the spotlight on the fact that additional skills are reflected with additional pay. Among those additional skills include other languages, particularly Spanish.

“It’s never been simpler to change careers and join the GEICO team. In addition to increasing starting salaries, we adapted our hiring processes, creating an exceptionally fast applicant experience,” said Michelle Trindade, GIECO Regional Vice President. “GEICO always puts our customers and associates first. We consistently promote from within, help associates advance their careers, and, in so doing, open spots to hire new associates.”

It is expected that with trends like higher insurance job starting salaries, jobseekers will start to look to this industry for starting or redirecting their careers. As they do so, they will discover that there is a lot more to these opportunities than sales and that even positions on the ground floor leave openings for substantial career growth.

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