How to get an insurance job that will turn into a great career

Insurance Job - opportunities

With the expiry of the COVID-19 unemployment benefits, many people are getting a fresh start.

When you think of an insurance job, the first thing that comes to mind is likely an agent or a salesperson, but insurers need far more than that in order to operate.

Most insurers offer career tracks suiting a range of different types of skillsets and goals.

Understanding the different types of insurance job opportunities can help you to better know how to prepare for a career in this industry. Careers can involve a spectrum of different types of responsibilities and titles. While agents are certainly the most well known, followed by sales, there are careers in everything from claims analysis, fraud investigation, client assessment, risk modeling and cutting-edge technology.

At the entry level, you will find insurance work positions such as administrative assistant, customer service representative, claims representative, marketing assistant, processing clerk and junior underwriter. There is often ample room within this industry to climb to a goal position that you will find fulfilling and rewarding.

If you enjoy working directly with customers and ensuring that they receive the coverage that best suits their needs, you can head toward a position as claims adjuster, claims examiner, senior underwriter or insurance agent/salesperson. That said, if you’re happier “behind the scenes”, most insurers also need a considerable amount of analytical work to be completed, including actuary, risk analysis, or loss control specialist. This doesn’t even take into account positions having to do with websites, social media, and other forms of computing, modeling, mobile and drone technologies, among others.

Insurance Job - skills and talents

Useful skills to have if you’re hoping to get an insurance job.

In this industry, regardless of the type of specific position you want, some of the most helpful skills you can have involve computer literacy, analytical skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, math literacy, organization, attention to detail, customer service skills, and problem-solving abilities, among others.

The rest of the requirements you’ll need to meet for an insurance job that interests you depends on the specific position and career you’re seeking. Education and experience are always appealing, but the following can be a good idea whether you’re just stepping in the door or you’re hoping to take the next step in your career growth.

  •  Complete high school and get your diploma (not all positions need a degree when you have the right skills)
  • Get your bachelor’s degree (focus on finance, business, mathematics, accounting or marketing)
  • Get a master’s degree (focus on mathematics, business, finance, and similar fields)
  • Get experience (this may mean starting at entry-level and working your way up)
  • Earn certifications (this may include statistics, accounting, insurance law, or risk management)
  • Earn designations (this could include an associate in general insurance, claims, insurance data analytics, or accredited adviser in insurance)

Finally, if you want an insurance job, do your research. Find out about the best employers out there. Discover what positions are currently available. This is an industry regularly seeking enthusiastic, skilled, loyal employees to join their teams. The opportunities are out there. Get yourself ready by learning the trends and terminology so you’ll feel completely prepared when your interview begins.

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