Insurance company signs Peyton Manning for national ads

Payton Manning Insurance Company

The quarterback from the Broncos is now stepping into yet another industry to back one insurer.

Payton Manning Insurance CompanyWhile Peyton Manning is already a quarterback for the Denver Broncos, is well known as a motivational speaker, and is even considered to be a skilled pizza maker as a Papa John’s pizza representative, he has now signed on with an insurance company to be featured in their U.S. ads over the next season.

Nationwide Insurance has managed to sign him in order to feature Manning in next season’s advertising.

This insurance company endorsement deal with Nationwide represents the first time that Manning has worked in advertising within this industry. That said, the deal with Nationwide wasn’t the insurer’s only interaction with the Broncos. In fact, it has also announced that it is broadening its complete marketing agreement with the team. This is a tremendous marketing achievement at a time in which insurers are regularly signing on with sports giants and top athletes.

That said, this deal with the insurance company is the biggest splash Manning has made since his franchise purchases.

Not long after Manning moved to Denver, he purchased a number of franchises of the Papa John’s national pizza chain. At the same time, he signed on to star in some of the company’s commercials and to appear in some of their print media ads. Clearly, the advertising industry is not new to this NFLer.

Manning has clearly been keeping himself very busy throughout the off season, as he has made a number of appearances for his motivational speaking efforts, and was even able to squeak in a segment on David Letterman’s show. Still, he managed to be able to ink the deal with Nationwide to ensure that his opportunities continue and that he remains a very busy player –both on the field and off.

During a recent media conference, Manning appeared with a Broncos jersey which he presented as a gift to an insurance company executive, with the number 18 and the name “Nationwide” sewn onto the back. To keep up a lighthearted spirit for the moment, Manning jokingly added “Don’t put it on eBay.”

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