Insurance companies sued by NFL over antitrust litigation

Insurance companies - Lawsuit - NFL

The lawsuit has to do with the availability of coverage for a Sunday Ticket action filed back in 2015. The National Football League has a long history of battles with its insurance companies with regard to concussion lawsuits and settlements, but more recently, it has filed a suit for another reason. In this case, it has to do with the availability of coverage for a Sunday Ticket antitrust action that was filed against the league in 2015. The lawsuit was first revealed in November, when sports attorney Daniel Wallach tweeted…

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NFL jersey insurance is now sold at Philly area shop

football NFL jersey insurance

The coverage is meant to protect people against losing the investments in sporting goods. A new type of NFL jersey insurance has now been created in order to help to give more confidence to people who would love to make an investment into these $100+ sporting goods but who are nervous that situations could change and their purchase could rapidly become worthless. The insurance policy is available at a sporting goods store that has 18 locations in the Philadelphia area. The store in question is called Schuylkill Valley Sports and…

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Auto insurance data shows NFL games cause accidents

Superbowl football auto insurance

The rate of drunk driving crashes increased on Super Bowl Sunday, as is the case with other football game days. The auto insurance industry has released data that has revealed that when NFL home games are played, as well as during the Super Bowl, car crashes rise, particularly when it comes to those that are associated with drunk driving. The data also revealed that when a home NFL team loses, the car crash rate increases more than when there is a win. Auto insurance statistics have shown that big NFL…

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Insurance premiums to be reimbursed to Marcus Mariota

football players and disability insurance premiums

Three other Oregon players will also be receiving their reimbursements for similar reasons. Among the most recent trends that have been occurring in college football is that the schools direct some of the student assistance fund from the athletic department to pay for the insurance premiums for the coverage of players who look as though they will have a promising future in the NFL. Among the universities taking part in this practice, the Oregon Ducks have become the most recent to join. Four players from the state have been receiving…

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Insurance company signs Peyton Manning for national ads

Payton Manning Insurance Company

The quarterback from the Broncos is now stepping into yet another industry to back one insurer. While Peyton Manning is already a quarterback for the Denver Broncos, is well known as a motivational speaker, and is even considered to be a skilled pizza maker as a Papa John’s pizza representative, he has now signed on with an insurance company to be featured in their U.S. ads over the next season. Nationwide Insurance has managed to sign him in order to feature Manning in next season’s advertising. This insurance company endorsement…

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