Insurance company signs Peyton Manning for national ads

Payton Manning Insurance Company

The quarterback from the Broncos is now stepping into yet another industry to back one insurer. While Peyton Manning is already a quarterback for the Denver Broncos, is well known as a motivational speaker, and is even considered to be a skilled pizza maker as a Papa John’s pizza representative, he has now signed on with an insurance company to be featured in their U.S. ads over the next season. Nationwide Insurance has managed to sign him in order to feature Manning in next season’s advertising. This insurance company endorsement…

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NFL lawsuit brings controversy to California workers’ compensation laws

A California labor law that has been drawing an extreme number of former pro football player workers’ compensation claims has been targeted by a Republican member within the California State Legislature, who seeks a complete overhaul. The leading Republican member in question, Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills), is on the Assembly Committee on Insurance, and stated that the current framework for worker’s compensation within California is “outrageous”, in that it permits former professional athletes without any real tie to the state to make long-term injury claims within it. The reason for…

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