GEICO campaigns to fill insurance company jobs in competitive market

Insurance company jobs - competition

The insurer has been taking steps to become more appealing to jobseekers in many US regions.

GEICO has been making a concerted effort to attract applicants to fill hundreds of insurance company jobs it is opening and that need workers before the end of the year.

Some regions have seen starting salaries rise across the board while others offer additional advantages.

Earlier this month, GEICO announced that insurance company positions would be paying more in the hopes of drawing applicants to fill over 300 new positions in Tucson and Renton. Those positions saw insurance job starting salaries rise jump significantly. More recently, the insurer announced that it was seeking to hire at least 200 associates in sales and customer service in Fredericksburg, and existing local associates such as Charles Brown have been adding their testimonials to a campaign to draw jobseekers.

In this recent campaign, the company issued a news release in which Brown assured potential applicants that this insurer would provide them with professional and personal support. The company underscored that they are seeking people with positive attitudes, who enjoy helping others, and who work well in a dynamic environment, and that as employees they can expect substantial benefits.

Insurance company jobs - recommendation

Brown recommends insurance company jobs with GEICO based on his own thirty-year experience.

The news release from the insurer described Charles Brown’s experience thirty years ago, when he faced a tough job market in Fredericksburg, having recently received his degree from Mary Washington. At his father’s recommendation, Brown applied to the office, which was new to Fredericksburg at the time.

Brown took a chance, navigated the rapid interview process and was soon newly employed at GEICO.

“At the time this was just a job to keep my dad off my back,” joked Brown. “I figured I’d be at GEICO for a couple of years and move on.”

Brown’s insurance company jobs began in sales, but he was offered opportunities for cross training with the service team, which made it possible for him to climb his way up to a claims position. He described the opportunities the insurer provides to boost knowledge and experience in order to grow a career within the company. This type of worker-backed strategy is aimed at proving to jobseekers that the insurer provides support to keep a career growing.

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