Mercury adds MercuryGO to Arizona auto insurance products

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The insurer has been expanding its usage-based coverage app to let good driving habits lead to savings.

Mercury has announced that it is taking its next steps into new states with its MercuryGO app, bringing it into the Arizona auto insurance market.

The idea behind the app is to let a driver’s safe behaviors behind the wheel generate discounts.

That said, beyond rewarding good drivers with lower Arizona auto insurance premiums, it also provides additional features. Those features are meant to help boost driver awareness of safer habits to help encourage motorists to use them more frequently. In that sense, the application works as a virtual driving coach. It provides drivers with real-time feedback about their behavior behind the wheel and offers skill scores to track their habits overall.

Mercury policyholders who enroll to use the app automatically receive a 10 percent discount simply for participating. That said, from there, as drivers prove their safe driving habits on a regular basis, MercuryGo makes it possible for drivers to improve that discount based on how much of a risk they truly represent while they’re on the road. This can provide a discount as high as 40 percent upon renewal.

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The application makes it possible for safer drivers to cut down their Arizona auto insurance premiums.

“MercuryGO is an app that will help to keep Arizonans safe while on the road,” said David Lane, Mercury Insurance Director of Product Management in a recent media release from the company. “Designed to keep drivers of all ages and experience levels focused on the road, MercuryGO may also help reduce the number of car-crash related fatalities and serious injuries.”

Last year, there were 1,057 motor vehicle traffic fatalities in the state according to data from the Arizona Department of Transportation. This was the highest level in 12 years despite the fact that there was considerably lower traffic volume in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Mercury hopes that by bringing the MercuryGo Arizona auto insurance program into the state, drivers will watch their driving skill score and will pay attention to safety improvement tips for the purpose of saving money on renewal. At the same time, this will also incentivise safer driving overall among policyholders who want to pay less for their coverage.

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