Improvements to CLCA underline the importance of insurance for California drivers

California Auto InsuranceOfficials in California made an announcement last week which explained a regulation change to help drivers to avoid expensive consequences when they are required to drive immediately after taking out a policy, as those who use the Low-Cost Automobile Insurance (CLCA) program will no longer have to endure the two week waiting period in order to receive their proof of policy.

Currently, drivers who have just taken out CLCA coverage must either choose not to drive for the first two weeks of coverage, or they risk being caught behind the wheel without having proof that they are covered. However, the new change will provide those motorists with a temporary proof that they have coverage, which they can obtain from a local California auto insurance agent who participates in that program.

Dave Jones, the California Insurance Commissioner, said that this change is very important to participants in the CLCA program. He explained that the waiting period was forcing drivers to either have to wait without driving, drive without coverage proof, or purchase more costly policies.

The individuals who participate in the CLCA program are typically already struggling financially and cannot afford the extra expense of policies with a higher price or to be caught without proof of their insurance. When a driver is caught without proof of a policy while driving, they can face a first violation fine of between $100 and $200, and their vehicle risks being impounded by the police. Impounding causes the driver to have to pay for the administrative, towing, and storage fees.

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