Tennessee insurance bill requiring police to arrest uninsured involved in serious collisions

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Without car insurance you could end up in the slammer! A new bill in Tennessee to require that an arrest be made by police officers in the case of a serious auto collision, should a driver be unable to provide proof of car insurance coverage is making insurance news headlines as it awaits the signature of the governor in that state. There is also a companion bill which, according to its sponsor, Rep. Joe Carr (R-Lascassas), is still in the House Finance Committee to be heard next week. It would…

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Improvements to CLCA underline the importance of insurance for California drivers

Officials in California made an announcement last week which explained a regulation change to help drivers to avoid expensive consequences when they are required to drive immediately after taking out a policy, as those who use the Low-Cost Automobile Insurance (CLCA) program will no longer have to endure the two week waiting period in order to receive their proof of policy. Currently, drivers who have just taken out CLCA coverage must either choose not to drive for the first two weeks of coverage, or they risk being caught behind the…

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Recent insurance study reveals who is driving without insurance

InsuranceQuotes.com has released the results of a recent survey they conducted regarding motorists. The company surveyed some 2,366 drivers aged 18 and older from across the nation and found that 16% of them have driven without insurance coverage. Nearly half of those drivers said that they only did so because they were unable to afford insurance coverage, citing the economic hardship as one of the primary factors for them being unable to cope with premiums. An additional .2% of participants admitted to currently having no auto insurance coverage at all.…

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