The top answers that will enlighten the insurance industry in 2012

Insurance AgentsAs 2011 comes to a close, insurance companies are already beginning to ask questions about technology and regulation trends, as well as other important considerations.

Though they won’t have their answers before this year is finished, there are already some predictions being made about what will be learned in the upcoming year. After all, a large number of changes are occurring in the industry, such as the wave of new mobile commerce technology that is now becoming much more mainstream, where it had only been considered “emerging” until now.

Among the top questions currently being asked, and that will be answered next year include:

• How will new strategies for core system replacement come to be?
• What will the next evolution be in the development of mobile apps?
• Will the new industry standard including bringing a mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) everywhere?
• What role will be played by social media beyond the basic level of marketing?
• Will next year be the time when usage-based insurance finally makes some headway in the industry?
• How will the many significant catastrophes of 2011 change the strategies used by insurance companies?
• What will the demands for IT departments be from “big data”?
• How will the healthcare overhaul look by the end of the year after the Supreme Court ruling and the presidential election?
• Will there be a merging in the roles of marketing and IT?
• How will the M&A’s of 2011 change the technology landscape of insurance?
• Will agents be remembered by insurance companies as they work to better the experience of the policyholder?

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