California auto insurance claims 40 percent higher than pre-pandemic

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Mercury Insurance has reported the spike in its comprehensive car claims compared to pre-COVID-19. Comprehensive California auto insurance claims have taken off after a lull during the worst of the pandemic and have reached a point considerably higher than pre-COVID-19 levels. Vandals and thieves have been particularly active in recent months, driving claim numbers skywards. Mercury Insurance has observed this massive growth in California auto insurance claims when compared to pre-pandemic levels. Though the increase in vandalism and theft started with the lockdowns, they have grown even higher following the…

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Auto insurance program in California reduces rates again

California Auto Insurance

The state department announced that for the second year in a row, it would be shrinking the price of coverage. The California Department of Insurance (CDI) has just revealed that it will be lowering the California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program (CLCA) rates yet again for a second year in a row. The premiums are exceptionally low within this program, making it easier for certain good drivers to obtain coverage. Annual auto insurance premiums for drivers within this program typically range between $226 to $338. It is available for good…

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Auto insurance costs fell only in California

auto insurance price decrease california

According to data from the Consumer Federation of America, that is the only state where this occurred. According to the latest data from the United States, California is the only state in the country where auto insurance costs have been decreasing over the last two decades that ended in 2010. This data was collected and analyzed by a consumer group that attributed the decline to a state law. The Consumer Federation of America is attributed the decreasing cost of auto insurance in California to a law that was passed in…

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Auto Insurance State Minimums – Why You Should Carry More Coverage

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Car insurance can be one of the most frustrating bills a person pays every month (or six) but it truly is one of the most important. At its core, insurance is designed to insulate an individual, family or business from possible financial hardship due to a loss. However, too often people are driving around with the absolute bare minimum insurance, not realizing that their entire world could get flipped upside down with just a relatively minor accident. Insurance Minimums Explained Insurance is governed at the state level, so each of…

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Auto insurance law in California now allows digital proof of coverage

electronic proof of auto insurance

Smartphone and tablet users can now prove the existence of their valid policies with their devices. Now that 2013 is officially here, so is a new California auto insurance law that will make it a bit easier for drivers who are required to prove their coverage to the police when they have been pulled over. Instead of digging through the glove box to find the proof of policy, a digital copy is now acceptable. The hope is that it will make it much faster and easier for drivers to be…

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