Home insurance policies should be reviewed as holiday shopping begins

homeowners home insurance policies christmas holidays

Even before the Christmas tree goes up, coverage should be consulted to be sure it’s enough.

The last thing a homeowner wants to do is to make a claim on home insurance policies over the holiday season. However, this coverage can play an integral role in putting things right if the worst should happen. The risks of peril and of loss usually spike over the holidays. Therefore, homeowners are being advised to make sure the coverage they have is enough for their needs.

Burning candles, piles of gifts, icy sidewalks and tons of guests and visitors can lead to many unexpected mishaps.

The homeowners insurance industry is recommending that Americans don’t wait for their policy renewal to ensure their coverage is adequate. This time of year presents many opportunities for things to go wrong. These can include slip-and-fall incidents, fire and burglary, among others.

Many insurers have issued checklists to the carriers of their home insurance policies to help them to prevent disaster. Avoiding problems is often a matter of making some very small changes. They don’t usually require additional purchases to be made, but if they do, they are usually highly affordable and well worth it.

Home insurance policies need to offer enough coverage in order to be worthwhile when disaster strikes.

homeowners home insurance policies christmas holidaysAccording to Allstate Insurance, the average homeowners insurance claim for fire during the holiday season is $70,000. This, according to data from Allstate’s chief claims officer, Glenn Shapiro. The U.S. Fire Administration has cautioned that old and damaged electrical cords, over-used outlets and dry Christmas trees are a recipe for catastrophe. While the right coverage may pay for repairs, it’s better to avoid a fire in the first place by checking all cords for exposed wires, not adding too many plugs to a socket and keeping Christmas trees well watered.

Burglary in homes skyrocket at this time of year as many people have new and expensive gifts inside. In fact, since Christmas trees are frequently displayed in front windows, the gifts can often be seen through the glass within easy reach of a burglar. That said, a survey conducted by Allstate last year showed that two thirds of people have gifts delivered to their doorsteps and left there even when they’re not home. This is also an easy way for thieves to grab the items they want. Though this type of theft will require a police report to be filed, the right policy can provide coverage for those items if their value is greater than the deductible.

Finally, to avoid making claims on a home insurance policy, be sure to clear walkways and use ice melter so visitors won’t risk slipping and falling. Keep electrical cords from crossing walkways so they won’t trip someone and provide adequate lighting.

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