Home insurance policies should be reviewed as holiday shopping begins

homeowners home insurance policies christmas holidays

Even before the Christmas tree goes up, coverage should be consulted to be sure it’s enough. The last thing a homeowner wants to do is to make a claim on home insurance policies over the holiday season. However, this coverage can play an integral role in putting things right if the worst should happen. The risks of peril and of loss usually spike over the holidays. Therefore, homeowners are being advised to make sure the coverage they have is enough for their needs. Burning candles, piles of gifts, icy sidewalks…

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Does Home Insurance Cover Insect or Pest Damage?

pest vs homeowners insurance

Most standard home insurance policies purchased today cover damages caused by storms, fire, and theft. It may be possible to find coverage for  collateral damage caused by insects and other pests, but generally this  type of protection is not available. The question of whether or not your home insurance covers insect or pest damage can be answered by first determining how the insurance company views  this type of risk as an insurable event and the type of infestation problems you are experiencing in your home. The Purpose of Home Insurance…

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