Home insurance policies should be reviewed as holiday shopping begins

homeowners home insurance policies christmas holidays

Even before the Christmas tree goes up, coverage should be consulted to be sure it’s enough. The last thing a homeowner wants to do is to make a claim on home insurance policies over the holiday season. However, this coverage can play an integral role in putting things right if the worst should happen. The risks of peril and of loss usually spike over the holidays. Therefore, homeowners are being advised to make sure the coverage they have is enough for their needs. Burning candles, piles of gifts, icy sidewalks…

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Allstate home insurance is getting cheaper in California

allstate homeowners home insurance rates

The insurer and the state commissioner have agreed to reduce the rates for homeowners coverage. Dave Jones, the California Insurance Commissioner, has now come to an agreement with Allstate Insurance Company and Allstate Indemnity Insurance in order to decrease the rates being paid by home insurance customers in the state. In fact, the homeowners insurance rates for California Allstate customers will drop by an average of 12.6 percent. For Californians who have home insurance through Allstate, this decision represents a decrease of an average of $230, each. The reduction in…

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Allstate Insurance growth outlook

Allstate is looking to improve its home and auto insurance units by 2013. Executives at the massive insurance company spoke with investors the other day regarding the matter, saying that focusing on these units will help them recover from losses earlier this year.  Allstate’s auto insurance unit has been hemorrhaging clients for three consecutive years, a trend that executives expect to continue throughout 2011, only to see modest growth again in 2013. The renewed focus on these units comes after Allstate’s CEO, Tom Wilson, reported “inadequate returns.” As far as…

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Mississippi homeowners insurance increase approved

Beginning in June some residents of Mississippi could see their homeowners insurance rates go up. The state Insurance Commissioner has been in negotiations with Allstate Insurance Company for almost a year and a half, before the two reached an agreement. In 2006 Allstate was given the ok to raise rates in Mississippi by 29 percent, with three of the counties considered coastal being raised by 90 percent. In 2008 they petitioned for another rate increase and were given approval for a 14 percent statewide average increase. When Allstate filed for…

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