Free insurance offered by U.K. theatre for scary movie protection

free insurance scare care movie

free insurance scare care movieThe tongue in cheek coverage is provided at no cost to moviegoers who are afraid of being scared to death.

A movie theater in the United Kingdom has taken a unique perspective on the release of a horror movie remake, and is providing viewers with a free insurance policy to pay for their funeral costs in the case that they are literally scared to death during the film.

The coverage is being provided as a part of a unique marketing campaign by the cinema.

The free insurance coverage will be issued to individuals who buy tickets to see the remake of Evil Dead, a horror film that is greatly hyped to be exceptionally frightening and that will be hitting the silver screens across the United Kingdom. This coverage won’t be provided to everyone in the country, but is instead being sold specifically at one theatre in Neath.

The free insurance is being called Scare Care coverage and is available to those with tickets for the film.

The theater in question is in Neath, in the south of Wales, at the Gwyn Hall. The entrance tickets to the film range from £5.50 to £6.50 and will cover the cost of a funeral if anyone watching the movie should be frightened to death. Though they do admit that the risk of someone actually being scared to death is quite minimal, the theater is hoping that the free insurance marketing ploy will help to drum up business in the small community for this big film.

The movie itself is a remake of the 1981 cult classic by Sam Raimi, which is set in a classic “cabin in the woods” horror shocker scene. The newer film has been directed by Fede Alvarez and rumors surrounding the film have said that the filming required 50,000 gallons of artificial blood.

For those in Neath who are headed out to see the movie, they will also receive a free insurance certificate, embossed in gold, to help to boost the sense of fear regarding the film and enhance the overall experience. Though a nominal funeral cost will be paid if the worst should actually happen, the point of the coverage is simply to boost the fun.