Top Safe Driving Apps List Released By Insurance Panda Auto Insurance

Insurance Panda Safe Driving AppsInsurance Panda, an auto insurance quote comparison website located in Manhattan, NYC, has released a list of the top “safe driving” mobile applications.

These apps, which are readily available for devices like the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and iPod, help people stay safe on the road. Application functionality ranges from helping the elderly stay focused while driving to helping young drivers learn how to drive. The list includes apps for drivers of all shapes and sizes.

The article posted on states that mobile phones, smartphones, and mobile devices are now more widespread and popular than home phones. With these devices seemingly in everybody’s pockets, driving education methods are much more accessible and easy to use.

Safe driving is growing more and more important, says Insurance Panda. In the first quarter of 2013, traffic fatalities increased by 13.5 percent and over 7,000 have lost their lives due to accidents in the United States alone.

Many of these accidents, Insurance Panda claims, are caused by texting and driving. Subsequently, the number one app on their list of safe driving apps is “Key2SafeDriving”, which essentially prevents the driver of the vehicle from texting while driving. It works by sending automatic replies to every text received while the user is driving. Text replies include things like “sorry I’m driving now, talk to you later” or “busy now, speak in a minute.”

Another application that appears on the list is called “DriveScribe”. This app is especially useful for parents who wish to monitor their children’s driving and also help their kids drive safer. This app will prevent all calling and texting while driving and also will report back on the user’s driving habits.

The list, located at, reviews nine different “safe driving” applications. Anybody who would like to learn more about these apps is free to visit the Insurance Panda website to read more.

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