Is Mutual of Omaha Burial Insurance Right for Seniors Above 60?

what is burial insurance

The next of kin of those who pass away end up facing many costs to contend with, including burial expenses. Insurance coverage for this specific purpose taken in your lifetime duly protects your dependents by offering adequate support. A burial life insurance policy is designed to safeguard your family, left behind to deal with your passing’s financial consequences. To cover the costs associated with your cremation, burial, and funeral service, opt for Mutual of Omaha burial insurance. Expenses that arise after death are significantly high, to the tune of thousands…

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Free insurance offered by U.K. theatre for scary movie protection

free insurance scare care movie

The tongue in cheek coverage is provided at no cost to moviegoers who are afraid of being scared to death. A movie theater in the United Kingdom has taken a unique perspective on the release of a horror movie remake, and is providing viewers with a free insurance policy to pay for their funeral costs in the case that they are literally scared to death during the film. The coverage is being provided as a part of a unique marketing campaign by the cinema. The free insurance coverage will be…

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Insurance news from California insurer involves massive policy payments

Funeral insurance makes insurance news headlines

A Texas funeral policy company must pay out $25 million to its customers. A recent settlement in California has made insurance news as it has caused an insurer based in Texas to have to issue payments of $25 million in funeral policies to its customers. Officials in California have just reached this agreement with Forethought Group Inc. Forethought Group is a financial planning company and insurer that has been selling end-of-life and retirement planning. It underwent an audit in 2008, which identified an issue with the processes of the company,…

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Forms of insurance coverage not always considered by consumers

Though consumers are typically aware that they need homeowners’, renters’, and automobile insurance, there are other forms of coverage that can be offered by policies of which they may be entirely unaware unless they are highly knowledgeable about the various types of protection available. Some of them include: • Personal Electronic Equipment Insurance – this is a very practical insurance for consumers who have expensive electronic devices at home, such as televisions, audio equipment, or computers. It covers loss and damage and might even pay for repairs and replacement, depending…

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Employees are receiving more creative benefits from companies

Companies are providing a wider range of unique and creative benefits to their employees in 2012, with available services ranging from discounted jewelry to pet insurance, reduced funeral planning costs, cancer insurance and even meditation services at the desk. These additional benefits are arriving at a time when employers are trying to keep their workers content in their workplaces despite the higher workloads, pay cuts, reductions in matches for 401(k), and higher costs for health insurance. According to managing director John Breman, from the employer consultancy, Towers Watson, businesses are…

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