Insurers remind consumers about Earthquake Awareness Month

Earthquake Awareness Month

February is meant to be a time for property owners to review their coverage in case of a tremor.

February is recognized as Earthquake Awareness Month, and insurance companies are reminding their customers to take this opportunity to review their coverage and ensure that they are prepared for the worst.

This time is meant to help raise awareness of the importance of preparedness and coverage.

Insurance companies use Earthquake Awareness Month to help make certain that their policyholders know how to keep themselves and their families safe in case a tremor strikes. Moreover, it is also meant to help draw awareness to the forms of coverage available to reduce potential burdens that can result from a quake of any size.

“During Earthquake Awareness Month, I urge consumers to prepare for the potential financial impacts of earthquakes by learning more about earthquake insurance today,” said Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI) Assistant Commissioner for Insurance Bill Huddleston in a recent news release. “Having adequate insurance coverage is a critical component of being prepared for the financial impacts of an earthquake.”

Earthquake Awareness Month - Earthquakes effect homes and people

Earthquake Awareness Month also helps people across the US know the risk associated with where they live.

Though there are some areas in the country where quakes are most common, such as California, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio and Kansas, other states such as Tennessee also face certain risks, even if they don’t get much attention. There are about 200 quakes across the United States every year, but the majority of them aren’t even noticed.

As a result, consumers are being advised to take a closer look at their homeowners and business insurance policies, as the standard coverage does not include quake damage. That said, it is possible to purchase additional coverage, and in many cases, it is far more affordable than what consumers believe.

Earthquake Awareness Month is a good opportunity to understand whether coverage is already there, how much of a risk is present, and to get a quote for quake insurance coverage. It is also a good time to review recommended advice regarding what should be done during a quake and what should be done immediately after one happens.

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