Insurers remind consumers about Earthquake Awareness Month

Earthquake Awareness Month

February is meant to be a time for property owners to review their coverage in case of a tremor. February is recognized as Earthquake Awareness Month, and insurance companies are reminding their customers to take this opportunity to review their coverage and ensure that they are prepared for the worst. This time is meant to help raise awareness of the importance of preparedness and coverage. Insurance companies use Earthquake Awareness Month to help make certain that their policyholders know how to keep themselves and their families safe in case a…

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Will earthquake insurance sales rise with popularity of “San Andreas” movie?

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The film starting Dwayne Johnson has triggered a preparedness trend among California residents. For people who live in California, the ever looming threat of the “Big One” is not something new, but the popularity of the “San Andreas” movie has spurred an interest in earthquake insurance and other preparedness steps and products. The question that is now being asked is whether this could help Californians to step out of a phase of denial. The release of the “San Andreas” movie occurred shortly after the release of a US Geological Survey…

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Earthquake insurance policies held by as few as 6% in Napa, California

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Despite the risk that is present in that part of the country, very few homes and businesses are covered. Even though Californians live in a state that is known to be located on active fault lines, the vast majority of residents and business owners still are not buying earthquake insurance. This fact came into the spotlight as a quake shook the Napa Valley region over the weekend. Northern California was shaken by a 6.1 magnitude tremor early on Sunday, taking people in populated areas quite off guard. Fires started, buildings…

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Homeowners insurance employees trained for catastrophe response

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Mercury has had 30 volunteers take the month long course for CERT certification. Mercury Insurance has announced that thirty of its employees have trained over the span of a month in order to receive their CERT certification which will help them with homeowners insurance emergency disaster preparedness. The volunteers were from the Southern California offices of the insurer. The insurer recognizes that the residents of California are at risk of a wide range of different forms of natural disasters, from floods to wildfires, and even earthquakes. The auto and homeowners…

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Missouri residents are underinsured

Missouri just held an event noting the 200 year anniversary for the New Madrid earthquake. John M. Huff, the acting director Missouri’s Department of Insurance, spoke at said event to help bring awareness to the weak number of homes that actually have earthquake insurance within the state.  He has also has expressed in the past,  that there’s a large percentage of homeowners that will not be accurately protected if an earthquake happens these days. Huff’s concern is, that over the past ten year’s the amount of earthquake policies purchased has sharply decreased and the ones that do have…

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