Auto insurance electronic proof considered in Georgia

Proof of Auto Insurance

Proof of Auto InsuranceSmartphones and other digital devices may soon be used to prove that coverage exists.

Drivers in Georgia may soon have a new way to provide proof of auto insurance whenever they are required to show it, including at times when they have been pulled over by a police officer.

A new proposal to allow a digital copy of the policy proof card to be used has cleared the House.

The proposal, which would allow drivers to use smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices to show digital copies of their proof of auto insurance cards, has now made its way through the House of Representatives, bringing it one step closer to becoming a reality. This would help drivers from having to dig through their purses, wallets, glove compartments and other areas in a desperate search for the card at times when it must be shown.

The auto insurance digital proof of coverage proposal is now making its way to the state Senate.

The plan was initially put forward by Bruce Williamson (R-Monroe). He stated that he feels that the change would help to bring the traffic laws in Georgia into the 21st century. It could make it much easier for consumers to be able to keep their proof of auto insurance cards with them, wherever they go. This is because they are often more likely to remember where they have placed their smartphones than the cards, themselves.

This would allow auto insurance companies to distribute digital, electronic versions of the proof of coverage cards, which could be displayed on a mobile device. This is important because the current law in the state requires drivers to carry this proof whenever they are behind the wheel. Unfortunately, all too often there are individuals who are legitimately insured but who cannot find the card when it is required. This causes unnecessary court cases to show that the coverage did exist, and requires them to take time off work, which is exceptionally costly to the individual and the state.

Williamson feels that drivers will be able to avoid unnecessary auto insurance citations if they can use their smartphones to display the necessary proof when a patrol officer has requested it.

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