Urges Insurance buyers To Go For Appropriate Coverage Levels Online Health Insurance Online Health InsuranceOn the occasion of its public launch startup recommends insurance buyers to select  fitting levels of coverage when going for a health plan.

Startup leader Steven points out: “According to data, up 85% of Americans have some sort of health insurance. This is definitely not enough as it means that there are still some 50 million of uninsured Americans out there. But even among the insured, a large part discovers at some point that their coverage level will not really live up to their needs.”

Thus, tries to rise also consumer awareness by providing guides, FAQs section. A partnership with trusted insurance technology provider gives visitors the possibility to obtain customized quotes from local carriers.

“… In our vision, people can improve their situation right now, if they know how. So, we aim for our visitors to have a clear idea of what kind of health insurance is right for them, and what coverage level they should look for.” explains Steven.

In the upcoming year, Steven and his team will significantly enhance the informational body of the site, following an ambitious editorial plan for this year.  Readers can submit their feedback and in the FAQ
section ask specific questions, which will be answered twice a month including a video response for the top two questions.

For additional information on the lineup and editorial plan visit:


Website was founded in early 2013 and provides comprehensive insurance guides, FAQs, and expert answers and relevant consumer news to the American public. Fast and free health insurance quotes are made available for easy comparison.
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