Auto insurance digital proof now accepted in Colorado

electronic proof of auto insurance

electronic proof of auto insuranceCell phones can now be used to prove that coverage is present for vehicle policies.

The state Senate in Colorado has just passed a new bill that has allowed drivers to prove that they have a license, registration, and auto insurance through a digital copy displayed on their mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

Drivers carrying smartphones or tablets will now be able to prove their coverage with electronic versions of the card.

The vote in the Senate was unanimously in favor of updating the auto insurance law in the state so that motorists would be able to take advantage of digital policy cards so that they could avoid the mad dash digging through the purse, wallet, and glove compartment at a time when the information is required.

This means that even drivers who are pulled over by the police can prove auto insurance electronically.

The change to the law means that these motorists will not only be able to prove their auto insurance with a cell phone – which is the case in a growing number of states across the company – but it also means that they will be able to use the device as an electronic version of their drivers licenses and their vehicle registrations.

This would mean that even if the paper cards and slips are left at home or cannot be found, all of the required information that must be carried by drivers in the state can be shown on the screen of a smartphone. At the same time, the printed versions of the proof will still be completely acceptable in all of the same official circumstances that it always has been.

In order to be able to provide the proof of auto insurance coverage, policyholders will need to use the apps from their coverage providers. This means that at the moment, it will not be available for every driver, but only those that have insurers that are participating in mobile friendly programs that allow drivers to access their policy information and proof of coverage.

The bill for electronic proof of auto insurance coverage has already passed the House in Colorado and now that it has passed the Senate, it requires only the approval of the Governor. It is now on the desk of Governor John Hickenlooper, awaiting his signature.

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