Homeowners insurance in Colorado to experience massive reforms

Colorado homeowners insurance industry wildfires

The tremendously destructive wildfires in the state have caused underwriters to come together to overhaul the system. Over the last three years, Colorado has experienced devastating wildfires that have ignited an overhaul of the state’s homeowners insurance system, in the hopes that consumers might begin seeing some positive changes over the next few several weeks. The situation in the states has undergone a considerable change that has brought coverage to the spotlight. According to Carole Walker, the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association executive director, “The cycle of natural disaster has…

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Auto insurance digital proof now accepted in Colorado

electronic proof of auto insurance

Cell phones can now be used to prove that coverage is present for vehicle policies. The state Senate in Colorado has just passed a new bill that has allowed drivers to prove that they have a license, registration, and auto insurance through a digital copy displayed on their mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Drivers carrying smartphones or tablets will now be able to prove their coverage with electronic versions of the card. The vote in the Senate was unanimously in favor of updating the auto insurance law…

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