Colorado auto insurance study shows drivers in the state aren’t good

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Motorists in the state are prone to a spectrum of bad habits that make the roads more dangerous. Colorado auto insurance isn’t cheap and for years, people have said the drivers in the state are simply awful. That said, those types of complaints are commonplace in many states. However a recent study has shown that the claims about driving in Colorado may not be wrong. The traffic jams, winter blizzards and potholes in the spring aren’t the only challenge to drivers in Colorado. A new study by QuoteWizard has shown…

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Many drivers in Colorado lack auto insurance

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Lack of insurance coverage is becoming a problem that needs attention Auto insurance is a problem in Colorado. The number of uninsured drivers on the state’s roadways is growing every year and this is a significant issue when considering the frequency of vehicular accidents. It is likely that a single driver will be involved in as many as four accidents during their life. In most cases, auto insurance coverage will handle the issue relatively quickly. Accidents become significantly more complicated if the other party does not have insurance coverage. One…

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Auto insurance is not covering 1 in 6 drivers in Colorado

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The number of motorists in the state who are uninsured is already considerable and now it is growing. According to recent statistics, the number of drivers who are using their vehicles along the streets and highways in Colorado but who do not have auto insurance policies is high and it is growing. Insurance industry stats say drivers will be in three to four crashes in their driving years, making coverage critical. These statistics cover everything from tiny fender benders to massive multi-vehicle pileups. When in Colorado, this situation becomes even…

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Auto insurance digital proof now accepted in Colorado

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Cell phones can now be used to prove that coverage is present for vehicle policies. The state Senate in Colorado has just passed a new bill that has allowed drivers to prove that they have a license, registration, and auto insurance through a digital copy displayed on their mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Drivers carrying smartphones or tablets will now be able to prove their coverage with electronic versions of the card. The vote in the Senate was unanimously in favor of updating the auto insurance law…

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Colorado Springs terminates red light cameras program

Colorado Springs police has announced that they will no longer be using cameras in order to help to capture images of red-light runners, despite the fact that this technique was praised only last week as having made the streets of the city notably safer. Pete Carey, interim police chief of the city, used a 2012 budget work session for the Police Department to tell the City Council about the decision. Carey said that it had not yet been determined whether or not the red light cameras had worked to reduce…

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Allstate insurance ranks American cities for most and least likely to have an auto accident

Allstate Insurance has released its annual ranking of the best and the worst cities for traffic accidents… with Washington D.C. ranking as the city with the greatest likelihood of collisions, and Fort Collins, Colorado holding the distinction of having the lowest odds of a crash. In order to rank the cities, the insurer compared the frequency of auto collisions with the population of the city. This provided Allstate with the average driver’s odds of being in an accident. They also compared that likelihood with the average for the country. In…

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