Mercury adds digital channel for auto insurance claims process

Auto insurance Claims Digital - Mobile

The new web-based app makes it possible for policyholders to submit a digital claim on their phones.

Mercury auto insurance recently announced a new web-based application that opens the capacity for policyholders to file digital claims.

This makes it so that policyholders will be able to conveniently and securely submit accident claims.

The digital auto insurance application walks policyholders through the process using a series of recognizable prompts. In this way, drivers can submit their claims with the assistance of a number of tools throughout the software, such as emoji-driven questions, maps, and other features helping to describe the accident and its surrounding circumstances.

Auto insurance - Person using phone - emojis

“This new application provides a faster, easier way for customers to file an insurance claim,” said Mercury Senior Divisional Manager of Claims Transformation Brian Hudson. “The software is user-friendly, allowing drivers to describe what led up to the incident and where it took place through a series of images and maps.”

The auto insurance application software takes policyholders through each step of the claim filing.

Throughout the claim filing process, the policyholders will be able to make their way through every component of the accident by answering a number of questions that are easy to understand. At the same time, the software receives the necessary information without requiring for repetitive answers.

Drivers can place a pin on a map to show precisely where the accident took place and can use features to show precisely where the vehicle was damaged. There are even options that make it possible for drivers to indicate what the weather was like a the time the crash took place. Any photos taken can also be submitted through the phone-based claim.

When a policyholder files an auto insurance claim, they will receive access to connect through a web portal, app, integrated URL link, or by phone, which will match their information. When they call to file, they will receive a link via text on their phone to give them a direct option for filing digitally. Still, those who don’t want to use the digital option will still be able to speak with a customer service representative.

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