ASUREA’s new planning system helps agents to experience success

ASAP Planning Benefits Insurance Agents

ASUREA Insurance Services of America is happy to announce the release of a new product called ASAP: ASUREA Success Activity Planner™

This system enables insurance agents to be in greater control of their daily planning. With this control, agents can better build their careers in insurance.

Brian Pope, CEO of ASUREA, said that they created this system for agents, to better allow them to meet “their weekly, monthly, and annual income goals.” Pope feels that goals without specific planning are hard to achieve. This system helps agents with the daily steps that are needed to ensure success.

The ASAP planner and workbook is designed to hold up with daily usage. Its quality paper, wire binding, and elegant cover make it both attractive and sturdy. With its full size pages, there is plenty of room for agents to plan, follow-up, and record the steps they desire to take to reach their goals.

The planner/workbook is just one facet of the ASAP system. Included in the full breadth of this system is a training program for insurance agents. It includes distance learning, support materials, and webinars, along with a variety of other resources that are invaluable to agents.

In order to approach their success, agents must first decide on how much they desire to earn. Pope shared that once this is established, ASAP will guide them to decide and set the amount of referrals, direct mail leads and appointments that they will need to reach their goal.

With ASAP, agents are finding that they have a custom-tailored plan that helps them find success. By following the system, including the provided training, agents are having a significant amount of success, according to Pope.

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