Mayor of Roselle’s third term campaign clouded by claims of insurance fraud

Mayor of Roselle's third term campaign clouded by claims of insurance fraud

Garrett Smith, mayor of Roselle in Union County NJ, announced Tuesday that he would be seeking a third term.

Reasons cited by Smith include his belief in what they are doing and the feelings that his campaign is “stronger than ever.” He found significant support from the residents of Roselle.

On Wednesday, Mayor Smith was indicted for fleeing the scene, insurance fraud and the filing of a false police report. If found guilty, Smith could face up to ten years in prison as well as being unable to hold public office.

It is reported that Smith was at a bar in Christmas Day. Upon departing from the bar, he struck a parked car and kept going on his way home, trailing fluids from his vehicle all the way home to his garage. The next day, it is believed that he moved his car into the street and claimed his vehicle was damaged during the snowstorm that occurred at that time.

Union County’s Prosecutor, Theodore Romankow, stated that Smith lied to both his insurance company and the police, claiming that someone else damaged his car. Romankow further shared that Smith alluded that the damage was caused by a snow plow cleaning up after the storm.

Smith’s Newark attorney, Thomas R. Ashley, stated that Smith will be fighting these accusations. Both Ashley and Romankow had no comments regarding talk of a possible deal between the office of the prosecutor and Smith.

Jamel Holley, Councilman, announced he also will be running for mayor of Roselle. He stated that this is a “sad day” for Roselle and that he is thinking of Smith and his family during this difficult time. Mayor Smith is not making a statement to reporters at this time.

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