What is a No-Fault State?

what is a no fault state mean

Article Updated June 1, 2023 – Currently, there are 12 no-fault states in the U.S. These include Florida, Kansas, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan no fault insurance, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Utah . If you live in a no-fault state, it means that a driver has to first file a claim with their own insurance company if they’re in an accident. Every state sets its own laws as far as who pays for an accident. Sometimes when there’s an accident involving two parties, the goal isn’t…

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New Jersey will not stop selling OMNIA health insurance plans

Health insurance plan

Acting Insurance Commissioner refuses to stop selling OMNIA plans New Jersey’s acting Insurance Commissioner, Richard Badolato, has refused to halt the sale of OMNIA health insurance plans coming from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Badolato suggests that stopping the sale of these policies would “immediately trigger chaos” in the state’s health insurance market. Earlier this month, 11 hospital systems requested that OMNIA plans no longer be allowed to be sold in the state, but New Jersey officials believe that this would be the wrong move. Consumers are…

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Health insurance enrollment center opens in New Jersey

new jersey health insurance rates

Enrollment center will provide aid to those looking for health insurance coverage A new health insurance enrollment center has opened in New Jersey. The center will be operating six days a week and will provide consumers with assistance in enrolling in the state’s health insurance exchange. Open enrollment for the exchange, as well as those located throughout the country, began at the beginning of November. Consumers looking for coverage will now be able to find the policies that they need through these exchanges, with many expected to qualify for subsidies…

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New Jersey Senators take issue with proposed health insurance plans

new jersey health insurance

Senators seek more regulation for insurance plans that will be offered by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Two Senators in New Jersey have filed a request with the state’s Attorney General to delay one of the largest health insurance providers from offering a set of new plans. The plans are meant to be sold as money-saving solutions that would provide better coverage for health care costs. The plans are coming from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Senators are concerned that the plans could be a detriment to both…

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Flood insurance returns to the limelight in the US

West virginia Flood Insurance Coverage

Storms draw more attention to flood protection Recent storms in the United States have, again, brought flood insurance into the limelight. In South Carolina, many homeowners and businesses are reeling from the impact of Hurricane Joaquin, which has lead to loss of life and major property damage in the state. Almost three years ago, Hurricane Sandy hit the country as well, causing major damage in New York and New Jersey and becoming one of the most disastrous natural catastrophes that the country had ever seen. Both of these powerful storms…

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