How to make your b2b insurance start-up more successful

Establishing any sort of business in the last couple of years is a feat in itself, and achieving it in the insurance industry might be considered doubly so. It’s an important service, especially for those who target businesses, as many owners might not know how much coverage they are likely to need or maybe even that they need any coverage at all. Now you’ve got a foothold. The next question is what you do next to keep up the momentum and make the most of your successful start. That one…

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ASUREA’s new planning system helps agents to experience success

ASAP Planning Benefits Insurance Agents

ASUREA Insurance Services of America is happy to announce the release of a new product called ASAP: ASUREA Success Activity Planner™ This system enables insurance agents to be in greater control of their daily planning. With this control, agents can better build their careers in insurance. Brian Pope, CEO of ASUREA, said that they created this system for agents, to better allow them to meet “their weekly, monthly, and annual income goals.” Pope feels that goals without specific planning are hard to achieve. This system helps agents with the daily…

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